Why Coaching Works

How do you get from your current preferred reality? You know you have to change, but breaking old habits can be hard. You need to commit, you need to be held accountable. 

The American Society of Training and Development conducted a study on accountability , and here’s what they found:

  • When you have an idea or a goal, your odds of achieving it are 10%
  • When you consciously decide you will achieve the goal, the odds are 20%
  • When you decide when you will achieve the goal, the odds are 40%
  • When you plan how you will accomplish the goal, the odds are 50%
  • When you commit to someone that you will achieve the goal, the odds are 65%
  • But when you make an accountability appointment with a person to whom you’ve committed to a goal to, your odds of success rise to a whooping 95%


Coaching helps you achieve you goals. It’s a micro steps, daily actions that make a real change in your life.

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