Productive Teams

We all want more productive and engaged team members, but you will never achieve collaborative team thinking until you have true alignment of team purpose and joint outcomes.

Everyone plays their role in a team and when individuals truly understand that together a team can create, achieve and produce more than any individual, then you have team ready for success.

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.

- Richard Branson



Leading Sales Meetings

Profitable sales is driven by the leader and coach. Fear and doubt are core behaviour traits of any sales team. Your job is to drive belief and build energy for outcomes and deliver a successful sales environment.

Seven Steps to a Winning Team

A team with clear key performance measures and a process to monitor the actions for success will always win. Celebrating and enjoying the journey are the keys to a winning team.

Empowering Productivity

Time is the most misunderstood commodity we have. Employees will never maximise their productivity unless you connect them to the importance and perception of how your clients value your business. Productivity is all about delivering a great service.

Lead with Purpose

A leader without purpose, is like a ship without rudder. Your team is always looking to you to give them direction and will feel disengaged if you don't. The number one reason people leave businesses is because they don't feel valued. Value them and they will follow your lead.

Dealing with difficult Behaviour

Behind bad behaviour is a belief and you'll never change a behaviour unless you communicate to the belief. Once the belief has been re framed and clarified then a new behaviour will evolve.